Sling Types

Here are the main kinds of slings that are available for kids. Don’t forget to check the best way of babywearing safely.


My sister wearing a pouch made by Luckybabyworld

nando baba

My little brother wearing a toy BabaSling

Pouches are loops of material or mesh. They are small, very fast to put on, some for summer, some for winter.
Bebe SachiA Bebe Sachi Khadi doll wrap (one of only two in the world!) made into a ring sling with sling rings. Ring slings are a piece of material like wraps but with rings at one end & worn over one shoulder, you can make one with a short wrap or scarf and some sling rings
William home made mei taiI’m wearing a home made mei tai Mei tais or Asian carriers are slings with structured body panels, mei tais can be used on the front back and side
BobaMy sister wearing a Boba SSC (with my brother alongside) Soft structured carriers (SSCs) are slings with a panel with straps but with buckles they can be used on the front back and side
fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffsMy little sister with a stretchy wrap made from Moby fabric. Stretchy wraps are a long piece of stretchy fabric they can be pre-tied before the baby is in and can usually only be used on the front

ayerf cabooMy sister wearing a homemade Caboo carrier

Stretchy hybrids are they offer the flexibility of a wrap but no tying they can be worn in many different positions
will stork

Me with a Hopp wrap

Woven wraps are a long piece of woven fabric, sometimes can be pre-tied but usually tied around the baby and can be used on the front back and hip